Thursday, December 5, 2013

Recorded Webinar for "Gardens and Villas" Tour

If you missed the webinar full of information about:
- Collette Vacations
-The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)
-The itinerary of the tour of the villas and gardens we'll visit, and
 seeing photographs of some of the highlights,

You can watch the recorded webinar at your leisure by clicking the link below:

Some things I'm particularly excited about:

- Membership for one year in the RHS (included in tour) allowing access to over
    80 botanical gardens,
  A year's subscription to The Garden Magazine,
  Personalized gardening advice, and
  Priority booking and discounted tickets to RHS events (I see a trip to the
     Chelsea Gardens in my future...)

-Murano. I've been a docent at the Corning Museum of Glass for five years
     and have become very appreciative, and even somewhat knowledgeable,
    about glass.  Murano is the place.

-Alpine gardens of Lago Maggiore. There is a plant in the webinar recording I
   want to see in the flesh!